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Hello Ernie,

             I am so glad that I broke my rib last August.   Otherwise I would never have found out about the wonderful effects of Quantum-Touch.  I wouldn’t have tried it if I hadn’t had a pressing need.   Broken ribs hurt.  And the doctors can’t do anything for them.  They say just live with it until it heals.   One session with you and the rib didn’t hurt.  That in itself was awesome.   I could stand up straight and I could breathe without pain.  I kept on every couple of weeks since it made me feel so much better.   Each session seemed to do more and I could feel the energy more.   My back is straighter than it has ever been.    For several years I have gotten very stiff when driving or riding in the car for an hour or so.   Last weekend I drove to Madison , Wisconsin and back by myself – 9 hours each way.   It was a piece of cake – hardly any stiffness and I felt great.

            No matter how I feel when I come for a session, I leave feeling relaxed, peaceful, and energized.  I always feel straighter and taller.  More than once I have felt about 10 years younger.  It’s an amazing transformation.

            You helped my sister so much when she was visiting, that she located a QT practitioner in South Carolina where she lives.   She said it was helpful, but that your treatment was much more effective.  I know you said that you incorporate Reiki and acupressure along with Quantum-Touch.   Your multi-faceted approach seems to carry an enormous benefit.

            Thank you so much for my new, more energetic, healthier body.   What a blessing it is to feel so good.





Healer’s Prayer

Healer’s Prayer to Our Divine Parents

Oh Mother, I call onto you…

– Please help me balance my activities

with repose when they vary from my needs.


– Please assist me in maintaining the awareness

of all my subtle bodies and their effects on others.


– Please guide me with your wisdom

in the development of unconditional love within my being.


Oh Father, hear my words…

– I devote myself and my life

onto you in service to others.


– Knowing that what I offer is returned unto me many fold,

I strive to rise above selfish motives with love and forgiveness to all.


– Let me be used by thee

in your plan of Divine Healing.

Future Events – 2022

Providing classes, leading discussions, and workshops for groups or individuals on natural healing, astrology readings, and Angel card readings.

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Talking at The Church of The Angels on Sunday December 11, 2022 at 11 am. Topic for discussion is on “Healing using Life Force Energy.”
Website link:  TheChurchOfTheAngels.net
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Quantum Touch and Reiki Energy sessions by appointment only for relaxation and life force energy work at Creekside Healing location, now in Northeast Ohio.  Call or text  440-773-0263 for an appointment. We can address your concerns and make plans to help improve your life.
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Private Readings and Parties of Astrology charts, Numerology, and Angel/Oracle cards are available by appointment.

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Welcome to the Creekside…

Nature is in itself a healing tonic.

I am a trained Quantum-Touch practitione.  Achieved the master level of Practical Reiki.  Also, trained in Usui Reiki and acupressure massage.  Workshops are given on natural healing and astrology. Also, I have graduated from the Transdisciplinary Holistic Care curriculum Class 2012-2013 at the Cleveland Clinic and offer Holistic Care and Support.

Volunteer hands on work has been performed at the Cleveland Clinic using Quantum-Touch/Reiki on the staff, doctors, nurses, visitors, and patients.   Past volunteer work was done at the City of Cleveland Employee’s Health Fairs, Cuyahoga County Employee’s Wellness Fair, Cleveland Clinics Health Fair, Notre Dame College Employee’s Health Fair  and many others.

Hands on Quantum-Touch and Reiki sessions have been given at peoples’ homes, Creekside Healing, Enchanted Grove, the Branches of Wellness, the ConsciousNest, and the Cleveland Clinic as a volunteer.

On Jun 25, 2012 an unsolicited  reference:

What a great day! We took A. to the Enchanted Groves psychic fair today. She really wanted to get a reading. And there was this WONDERFUL man there by the name of Ernie Betz. He is a Quantum-Touch practitioner & does reiki. I ended up seeing him. Best money every spent. I was never sure about reiki before, but I am telling you he is legit! I almost fainted during the 20 minute session. And since seeing him I haven’t had any anxiety about anything & have been stress free ALL day. I am planning on setting up an hour session with him soon. Anyone interested contact me & I will give you his contact info. He is amazing!♥