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Part of the Euclid Creek flows through area. A natural relaxing beauty.
Featuring the Betz Method created by Ernie Betz RMT, Quantum-Touch Practitioner, and astrology consultant at Creekside Healing.
Unlock your energetic potential while experiencing the sensation of complete relaxation at Creekside Healing. Creekside Healing Center is the ideal place to discover your true potential, unblock negativity and find relief from pain while discovering the Betz Method of holistic treatment.
The Betz Method
The Betz Method integrates three methods of energetic healing to enhance life source known as “Chi” and to relieve pain, tension, stress and anxiety.
  1. Quantum-Touch: Enhances the aura using visualization of energy flow combined with breathing practices.
  2. Reiki: spiritual guidance of life force energy. Deeply relaxing.
  3. Acupressure: Gentle hands on touch stimulates the acupressure points and meridian lines to permit the proper flow of chi.
Ernie’s methodology combines the strengths of each of these to technique to work with the work with the some life force energy as described in the Chinese meridian system and Indian chakra system. Ernie customizes the the approach according to your individual needs.
The Betz Method is For You
If you are challenged by pain, despair, grief, guilt, anxiety, unlocking your inner energy can help rejuvenate the body and the spirit. The Betz Method is designed as a complementary healing approach to be used alongside, not in lieu of traditional medicine.
The goal of the Betz Energy Method is to create an environment around a person that relaxes and encourages the individual to accelerate self healing. Stress in life can create energy blockages that hamper the flow of life energy. Releasing the blockages encourages health and vitality. The Betz Method has been successfully used in reducing:
Back and neck pain
Sports injuries
Intrusive thoughts
About Ernie Betz
Ernie’s natural curiosity in the mind/body/spirit connection evolved from his early interests as a computer professional. He was aware that while there is a human understanding of what makes computers think and work, few humans have a deep understanding of how the human brain, energy and physical body interact. He became fascinated with the mind body concept and began studying metaphysics with William Kennick, Mark Sato, Bruce Marshal, all recognized astrologers. Ernie learned acupressure, spiritual practices, and macrobiotics from Bob Carr, an expert in Asian healing techniques in Cleveland, Ohio. Ernie studied more spiritual practices and mysticism with the Sufi Order of the West, which provides unique, non-denominational, monotheistic perspective of God. He has studied Usui Reiki to level 2. He earned Master Levels in Kundalini Reiki, and Practical Reiki. Betz studied with Richard Gordon the founder of Quantum-Touch as a practitioner and instructor.
Ernie has been a dedicated volunteer healer at the Cleveland Clinic, in Cleveland, Ohio, offering comfort to many patients through Reiki, acupressure, and Quantum-Touch.

Comments on: "Welcome" (5)

  1. Ann Samurin said:

    Hello Ernie, my name is Ann Samurin and I am a good friend of Sophie Pace. Your name comes up around me from time to time and I think it is time to meet you. You followed me for a couple of times about a year or so ago but discontinued. I would like to speak to you about setting up an appointment.

  2. Laura Faria said:

    Hi Ernie!
    I’m interested in getting my astrological chart. We have done this in the past while in Reiki Awakening Academy with Alice.

    Please contact me.

    • Hello Laura, Yes, I have your birth data on file. When you text or call me your contact information, we well be able to setup a time to review your chart.
      My cell: (440)773-0263

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